Working on an hourly or project basis, we work with things that are problematic for you:  seeing what is really happening in your organization.  After all, you can't see the picture while you are standing inside the frame.  

Board Membership:  

Being on your corporate board is a big deal.  A lot of business owners put their best friend, accountant, attorney, brother, Uncle know the drill.  What you really need is an independent thinker that is not tied in any other way to the business so they can and will tell you the hard stuff.  I say what people need to here, not what they want to hear. 


Sometimes is takes a third party to bring clarity.  That third party should not only be able to get the parties to ultimately agree:  the negotiator makes the deal better for all.  Our goal is to bring the whole deal to a bigger level.....a level where 1+1 a;ways equals more than 2.